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Counseling services in Wall, NJ

Although every experience is unique to the individuals, here are some reactions and recommendations from those that have been through the therapeutic process. Here are samples of our Google Reviews.

"I have been seeing Manuela for over a year. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable from the start. There is nothing I wouldn't tell her. She helped me with my diagnosis, and as I continue use of her services, she provides me with tools to help me navigate things in my life that have weighed me down. I'm a work in progress, a beautiful disaster, but Manuela has not given up on me yet, so I'm not giving up on myself, either."


"Manuela is an amazing listener & provides great services. I feel very lucky to have been recommended to her & will continue to recommend her to others from my own experience."

"Manuela has been seeing daughter for about 2 years now. My daughter enjoys talking to her so much that after every session, she will ask me when her next appointment is. When you are talking to Manuela, you can feel the level of care and support she really has for you. Highly recommend her."

"Manuela is AMAZING. I have been going to her for about six years. I came to her at my lowest, and she helped get me back to myself again. After this long, I can go in when I need it the most, and because of all of the tools she has given me, it's usually a quick fix! I can't thank her enough for all that she has done for me. Highly recommend."

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